ONE October

October 9, 2018

Our youth and school worker Tim Hunter shares an amazing word based on the Lost Coin this week for our ONE All Age service!


Heaven’s Fashion PART 4

October 1, 2018

This morning we have an amazing message from Pastor Ant Lee closing up this brilliant, challenging series Heaven's Fashion. What're you wearing?


Heaven’s Fashion PART 2

September 17, 2018

Today Pastor Ant Lee is sharing a brilliant message, challenging us all to check what we're wearing! Check it out for an inspiring sermon.


Heaven’s Fashion Part 1 9/9/18

September 10, 2018

This Sunday morning Pastor Dave shared an amazing word to kick off the new series- Heaven's Fashion! Discussing the differences between a growth and a fixed mindset, Pastor Dave speaks onsome challenging, inspiring and encouraging topics! come take a listen!


ONE - September 2018 - ANT LEE ONE THING

September 2, 2018

Hey! Come have a listen to Pastor Ant Lee sharing an amazing word on changing ONE THING as the introduction to our new ONE series which takes place the first Sunday of every month. Enjoy this brilliant word, get your notebooks ready to jot down all the incredible points!


Summer Playlists - Week 3 - GRACE

August 21, 2018

This week we have pastor Dave bringing an amazing word about GRACE, using the song from Rag and Bone Man!


Summer playlists 2- WILD LOVE

August 12, 2018

Pastor Ant Lee brought an amazing word this morning about Wild Love of God! Making our favourite songs mean something more... check it out!


Summer Playlist Part 1 - Strangers

July 31, 2018

Join us for our brand new series across the summer.


SUMMER PLAYLIST takes your favourite songs and draws out some important Biblical truth.


This week you can listen to Pastor Dave as he talks about the importance of being authentic and not "perfect pretender"


We hope you are inspired as you listen.


FOR- Week 8- 2 Timothy 3:16

July 26, 2018

This week is our final week in our FOR series! Pastor Dave bings an incredible word about having the Word of God in our lives, as all scripture is God-breathed!


FOR- Week 7- 1 Corinthians 3:16

July 20, 2018

Hey guys! This week we had the incredibe Sarah Lee sharing a word about being God's temple. Challneging, inspiring and engaging, Sarah did a great job continuing our sereis looking at how God is FOR us and our community.